KG&E offers a full range of Generac Industrial Power generators to meet the needs of almost any emergency or standby power requirement. Whether you're the specifying engineer, installing contractor, or customer, we offer a wide variety of information and tools to help you understand our products and capabilities. When you or your customer's business can't afford to be without power for even a second, you can rely on KG&E and Generac for reliable automatic standby power.

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Generac's range of gaseous generators were the first 2009 EPA certified units in the industry. Generac industrial gaseous gensets are custom configured to meet the specific requirements of each application. Heavy-duty engines have proven their performance and reliability in industrial applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Gaseous gensets up to 625kW
  • Easily serviced by any qualified diesel technician.
  • Readily available replacement parts and maintenance items
  • Major components are designed and manufactured by Generac in a vertically integrated environment, ensuring the highest reliablility standards.

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Generac industrial diesel gensets are custom configured to meet the specific requirements of each application.

Features & Benefits:

  • Diesel gensets up to 2 MW
  • Major components are designed and manufactured by Generac in a vertically integrated environment, ensuring the highest reliability standards.
  • Easily serviced by any qualified diesel technician.
  • Readily available replacement parts and maintenance items.
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Modular Power Systems (MPS)

Generac’s MPS is an integrated approach to generator paralleling and is cost competitive with large single gensets and traditional paralleling systems. Advantages are redundancy, flexibility, and scalability in a modular type paralleling system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sizes up to 100 mega watts
  • Superior Reliability - Each genset backs up the others in the system, so critical loads get redundant protection. Built-in redundancy also allows individual units to be taken off-line for routine maintenance while retaining coverage for critical circuits.
  • Scalability - With MPS or the Gemini® Twin Pack, Generac customers can purchase the system they need today, and can add units quickly and easily as they are needed. There's no need to replace the system if future power requirements exceed projections and no need to over-spend on a larger system that might never be fully utilized.
  • Flexibility - MPS gensets are small enough to fit into spaces that can't accommodate large units, and they are light enough for rooftop applications. Since MPS modules don't have to be physically located together, you can better utilize available space. In addition, the space required for switchgear and large external panel boards is eliminated.
  • Serviceability - By using consistently reliable, high volume engines, MPS units are easy to service by qualified engine technicians. Maintenance items and replacement parts are relatively inexpensive and readily available.

 Modular Power Systems (MPS): 750kW – 2MW

 Modular Power Systems (MPS): 130kW – 600kW


When space is at a premium and reliability is critical, Generac’s Gemini™ Twin Pack is the answer. An option of Generac's modular power system (MPS), you can purchase the system you need today, and install additional units quickly and easily as your standby power requirements increase.

Features & Benefits:

  • Packs more power into a smaller space - Gemini™ combines the output of two 500 kW generators packaged inside a single weather resistant and sound attenuated enclosure using Generac's exclusive PowerManager control system. The result is 1000 kW (1MW) of power in a space up to 40% smaller than a large, single engine genset.
  • As part of Generac's MPS technology, up to seven Gemini™ gensets can be paralleled without additional switchgear, for a total output of up to 7000 kW.
  • Single, electrical termination point offers easier connection.
  • Fastest delivery - smaller, high-volume industrial engines mean Gemini™ gensets can normally be delivered weeks or even months faster than a large single engine unit.
  • Inherent critical load redundancy within one common generator platform. Gemini's load shedding capability ensures that critical loads are covered even if one of the gensets is offline for maintenance.
  • Quiet, sound-attenuated operation.
  • Easy serviceability - engines can be serviced by a qualified diesel technician using commonly available parts.

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Generac’s Bi-Fuel generators are EPA compliant, with systems that are Generac engineered and factory installed, assuring a reliable and clean power source – not an untested aftermarket system retrofitted in the field. Generac's Bi-Fuel system components are specifically engineered to integrate together with full warranty and service support included.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduced Fuel Storage - Because natural gas is the predominant fuel, smaller diesel tanks are viable. Less fuel stored on site can lead to easier permitting and lower fuel maintenance costs. In addition, indoor fuel installations with capacity limits per NFPA or local codes may become feasible.
  • On-Site Fuel - For some applications on-site fuel is required or strongly preferred. With bi-fuel, if there is ever a problem with the natural gas supply, the generator automatically switches to 100% on-site diesel fuel without affecting operation. This meets the on-site fuel requirements for emergency systems as referenced in NEC700 and NFPA110.
  • Lower Cost - The cost of a midrange natural gas generator is approximately twice that of a comparable diesel unit. Bi-fuel offers many of the benefits of natural gas for only slightly more than a diesel-powered system and has a higher thermal efficiency than natural gas solutions. This may translate into operational fuel savings based on traditional fuel costs.
  • Reduced Exhaust Emissions - Bi-fuel generators emit about 30% less nitrogen oxides and 50% less particulate matter than comparable diesel-only units for an environmentally friendly solution.

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