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Here you will find access to our information sheets related to specific topics within the power generation industry and brochures and technical information.

Info Sheets

To fulfill our commitment to be the leading supplier in the power generation industry, the KG&E team ensures we are always up-to-date with the current power industry standards as well as industry trends.

As a service, our Information Sheets are circulated on a regular basis to existing and potential power customers to maintain their awareness of changes and developments in standards, codes, and technology within the power industry.

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  • Avoiding Over-Cooling of Diesel Generators in Low Ambient Temperatures
  • Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) - What They Are and Where They Are Required
  • Combined Heat and Power in Generator Set Applications
  • Gas Scrubbers for Gaseous Fueled Generator Sets
  • Balancing Loads on Three-Phase Generator Systems
  • Generator 101 - Ohm’s Law, Electrical Voltage, and Conductivity
  • Generator Set Systems Installed On Top of Tall Buildings
  • Closed -Loop Control Systems on Gaseous Generators
  • Otto Cycle Principal of Engines Used in Generator Set Systems
  • Ignition System Maintenance on Gaseous Generator Systems
  • EGSA Technician Training for Generator Set Systems
  • Nursing Home Applications for Generator Set Systems
  • Defining Ratings for Generator Systems
  • Types of Generator Set Mounted Enclosures
  • Typical Specifications of Rental Generator Set Systems
  • Selecting PMG Excitation Within a Generator System
  • FEMA Recommendations for Generator Set Installations
  • Thermal Blankets Used Within a Generator System
  • Generator Set Peak Load Shaving Applications
  • Docking Stations and Selector Switches within a Generator System
  • Wastewater Treatment Applications for Generator Systems
  • Generator Systems & Energy Storage Using Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Material & Designs Used to Sound Attenuate a Generator System
  • Generator Systems Within a Microgrid System
  • US Power Outages and The Necessity for Standby Generators
  • The Effect of Power Factor On An Electrical System
  • Coolant Fluid Options for Generator Set Systems
  • Construction Applications for Generator Set Systems
  • Troubleshooting Diesel Generator Sets
  • Generator Systems Built to Withstand High Winds
  • NiCd versus Lead Acid Starter Batteries for Generator Systems
  • Winterization Packages for Diesel Generator Sets
  • Arc Flash Protection Boundary During ATS Service
  • Thermal Imaging Tests on Generator Set Systems
  • Servicing Diesel Particulate Filters on Diesel Generator Systems
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Emissions with Diesel Generator Systems
  • Water Separators for Diesel & NG Generator Systems
  • Lubrication Oil Makeup Systems
  • EPA Requirements for Diesel Generator Systems in Data Centers
  • The Importance of Clean Diesel Fuel Supply for Generator Systems
  • Remote Radiator Systems for Generator Sets
  • Importance of Grounding Standby Generator Systems
  • Bi-Fuel Natural Gas & Diesel Generator Systems
  • Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Troubleshooting Gaseous Generator Systems
  • Safety Guidelines for Rental Generator Sets
  • Battery Charging Systems Recommended for Standby Generator Sets
  • Predicting Generator Failure Issues by Remote Monitoring
  • Auto Transfer Switch Service and Maintenance
  • Specifying a Generator Set for Telecommunication Cell Towers
  • Maintenance of a Generator Set Systems Batteries
  • Guide to Generator Set Exhaust Systems
  • Reliable Residential Power During Extended Outages
  • Generator Applications in Healthcare Facilities
  • Specifying a Generator Set for a Data Center
  • Selection of Rental Generators
  • Diesel Generator Set General Planned Maintenance Programs
  • Differences Between 80% and 100% - Rated Circuit Breakers
  • Final EPA Emissions (Standby & Prime) for Stationary Spark Ignition Generators
  • Diesel Generator Set Fuel System Planned Maintenance
  • Types of ATS’s and Application in Generator Set Systems
  • Exhaust Emission Standards for Larger Spark-Ignition Engines
  • Cold Climate Considerations for Generator Sets
  • Service Entrance Rated Transfer Switches
  • Testing Standby Generator Sets - Resistive Versus Reactive
  • EPA Emissions Standards for Emergency Standby Diesel Generator Sets
  • Engine Block Heaters for Generator Sets
  • Monitoring Systems for Generator Systems
  • NFPA 110 Levels 1 and 2 Standards for Generator Systems
  • The Importance of Maintaining a Generator’s Cooling System
  • The Key to Standby Generator System Reliability
  • Guide to Generator Set Installation in Areas of Seismic Activity
  • Wet Stacking and How to Avoid it
  • EPA Emissions Standards for NON - Emergency Standby Diesel Generator Sets
  • Generator Systems in Areas of Seismic Activity
  • Alternative Fuel Options for Generator Set Systems
  • Considering Instantaneous Voltage Dip Versus Sustained Voltage Dip
  • Vibration Isolation Used on Engine Generator Sets
  • Guide to Delivering Gas to Gas Fueled Generator Sets
  • Fuel Maintenance for Diesel Generator Sets
  • Key Factors In Sizing Generator Set Systems
  • The Paralleling of Generator Systems - Basics, Applicable UL Codes and When to Use
  • Three Cycle vs. Series Rated Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Sound Attenuation of Generator Set Systems
  • When Should Neutral Be Switched – ATS

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