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Planned Maintenance from Kelly Generator & Equipment, Inc.

Because Kelly Generator & Equipment, Inc. focuses 100% on generators, you are free to focus on your own responsibilities. When it's time for maintenance, we call you so there's nothing to remember or worry about.

We provide a comprehensive planned maintenance program for your generator equipment. This program is based upon a thorough review of your generator from top to bottom governed by an 82-point checklist which we closely follow to ensure your equipment is completely reviewed. This checklist is completed by our qualified technician and you will be given a copy of this list after each visit. If you would like to speak with us about establishing a planned maintenance contract to have us keep your generator in top shape, then please contact our service team.

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Backup Power For Healthcare Facilities

In a world where “failure is not an option” has become the mantra for virtually every emergency power application, healthcare facilities are unique in that failure could mean loss of life.

There are many ways to build reliability into a backup power system, from fuel choice to generator configuration. Generac not only has the breadth of product and fuel choices necessary to help you configure the right standby power system for your application, but also the expertise needed to help ensure your system complies with NFPA 99, NFPA 110, and other appropriate national and local regulations.

Contact KG&E to learn more about Generac generators and the best generator solution for your application.

Register for KG&E's 2016 Training Program

KG&E offers a first class training program where persons of all skill levels can learn about Generac products. We teach in both a classroom and a practical lab, with a broad cross section of equipment that fully encompasses the technology seen in the field and offered by Generac.

It's not too late to register for one of our first quarter classes. Join us and experience generator training at its finest.

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Guide to Generator Set Exhaust Systems

A system designer must consider environmental and performance criteria when sizing and positioning the exhaust system of a generator set. This information sheet is a guide to the issues to be addressed.

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KG&E - Keeping You Informed

#1 Cause of Generator Failure

The single most frequent service call for generator failure is related to battery failure. Eighty percent of all battery failure is related to sulfation buildup — the accumulation of lead sulfates on the plates of lead-acid batteries.

Download Generac's Sizing and System Design Tool

Generac's Sizing and System Design Tool is the most powerful electrical and mechanical design and sizing tool on the market.

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Generac Electrical Contractor Power Rewards Program

If you're an electrical contractor selling commercial or industrial Generac generators, sign up to earn points and turn them into dollars.

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