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Generac’s Power Zone Controller. Smarter. More Intuitive.

At its most basic, a generator is an engine and an alternator that together produce electricity. But what if that hardware could think? Could communicate? It can, thanks to its controller—the power that controls the brawn. That’s why generator controls matter. And Generac’s Power Zone® controller makes our generators smarter and more reliable.

So how does the Power Zone controller think? For starters, it can manage paralleling, automatic transfer switches, and manage the load when the gen-set is installed in an Modular Power System (MPS) configuration. No additional switchgear or paralleling controllers are required. And even in a single-node situation, the Power Zone works seamlessly with Generac automatic transfer switches for complete system integration.

But it is the Power Zone’s “communicative” nature that really sets it apart. Its 7-inch color touchscreen display operates like a smart-phone app. Let the Power Zone give you all the details you need about the gen-set, from general system status to faults and alarms. Scalable and configurable I/O amplifies the controller’s voice, giving you both remote monitoring and remote generator controls, all at no additional cost. And because service techs can also keep an eye on the generator, maintenance becomes a proactive — not reactive — proposition.


  • Remote monitoring and customization control with no additional cost
  • Improved diagnostics and new onboard self-help manuals
  • Connectivity and easy-to-use operator interface
  • Improved reporting and log history
  • Make maintenance a proactive proposition
  • Expandable and flexible

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How to Prepare for Summer Brownouts

When it comes to high temperatures, the risk of brownouts increases drastically. Brownouts aren’t quite as severe as blackouts, but they can still cause devastating service interruptions. Instead of a full-on outage, brownouts are temporary - often sudden - drops in voltage, lasting for minutes or hours.

There are two main causes of summer brownouts, overloaded power grids and inclement weather.

When the temperature in the summer rises, homeowners and business owners increase the use of their air conditioning systems which require a high level of energy. This overloads electrical systems and the generating facility (power utility) is unable to provide sufficient power which results in a voltage sag. If the voltage sag’s duration last longer than a minute then the result can be a brownout condition that can lead to complete power interruptions.

Don't be left in the dark this summer. Kelly Generator & Equipment, Inc. can provide you a range of power solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial and life critical applications. With diverse generator options, high-tech mobile products as well as cutting-edge transfer switches and accessories, we make sure power is always available to our customers and their businesses.

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Kelly Generator & Equipment, Inc. is rapidly growing and continually looking for top talent. We believe in taking care of our employees and offer a comprehensive benefits package including a 401(k) savings plan, health insurance, dental insurance, disability, and much, much more.

Kelly Generator & Equipment, Inc. provides great opportunities for individuals looking to establish a rewarding career. Check out our website today and apply to join our growing team!

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KG&E 2018 Training Schedule

KG&E offers a first class training program where people of all skill levels can learn about Generac products. We teach in both a classroom and a practical lab, with a broad cross section of equipment that fully encompasses the technology seen in the field and offered by Generac.

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KG&E Wins Generac Project of the Year Award!

KG&E was pleased to receive the Generac Project of the Year for the design and installation of eight 400 kW Generac natural gas generators at the Museum of the Bible.

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Generators for Sale

KG&E has a wide selection of used generators for sale. Contact Austin Maguire today to learn more or email.

US Power Outages and The Necessity for Standby Generators

This Information Sheet discusses the threats to our current grid system and the importance of installing a standby generator system when the primary utility grid power is off-line.

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Receive a Discount on Parts When You Attend a KG&E Training Class

By choosing Kelly Generator & Equipment, Inc. as your supplier of generator parts, you are partnering with a world class organization dedicated to providing your business with genuine factory direct parts.

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Download Generac's Sizing and System Design Tool

Generac's Power Design Pro is the most powerful electrical and mechanical design and sizing tool on the market.

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