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KG&E Cuts Paperwork to Save Time, Boost Productivity

Kelly Generator & Equipment Inc. (KG&E) is formally switching to a new field management operating system that will provide simpler, faster service to customers by providing increased efficiency.

The new system, Field Servio is designed and installed by Standpoint Technologies of Charlotte, NC, “brings us on line with the latest technology” said John Kelly Jr., KG&E’s president.

FieldServio’s system uses Wi-Fi connected electronic tablet technology on a custom designed open platform to provide real-time information on work status to everyone involved on a project – from technicians in the field to supervisors and managers on the road to back shop staff at headquarters.

“Under our old system, it seemed like a million people had to touch something before it was done,” said Melissa Farren, KG&E’s controller. “When we prepared invoices, for example, five people had to touch a document before it went out the door. Now it is ready the moment that work is completed.”

“Having the capability to flow information automatically from the inception of a project to its completion provides more than being able to bill customers quickly,” said John Kelly. “It also provides KG&E and its customers increased transparency with detailed information that many competitors cannot provide. It helps manage inventories more efficiently and lower costs by removing duplicative activities and software that traditional systems require. And the simplicity and transparency of the new system will help KG&E know their customers’ needs and preferences faster, which will help increase repeat business.”

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KG&E Releases 1st Quarter 2017 Training Schedule

KG&E is pleased to announce that it has released its 1st Quarter 2017 Training Schedule.

KG&E offers a first class training program where persons of all skill levels can learn about Generac products. We teach in both a classroom and a practical lab, with a broad cross section of equipment that fully encompasses the technology seen in the field and offered by Generac.

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Backup Power For Healthcare Facilities

In a world where “failure is not an option” has become the mantra for virtually every emergency power application, healthcare facilities are unique in that failure could mean loss of life.

There are many ways to build reliability into a backup power system, from fuel choice to generator configuration. Generac not only has the breadth of product and fuel choices necessary to help you configure the right standby power system for your application, but also the expertise needed to help ensure your system complies with NFPA 99, NFPA 110, and other appropriate national and local regulations.

Contact KG&E to learn more about Generac generators and the best generator solution for your application.

Bi-Fuel Natural Gas & Diesel Generator Systems

Several generator applications have being adopting bi-fuel technology to address stricter diesel engine emission standards and increased operational costs. This Information Sheet discusses the application of Bi-fuel technology to diesel generator systems

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KG&E - Keeping You Informed

Kelly Generator & Equipment, Inc. rents electrical generators as small as 20kW up to 2MW with paralleling capabilities as large as 9MW.

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Overstock Sale on GenPads

KG&E is having an overstock sale on GenPads! Protect your generator with the sturdy and professional GenPad, the choice for residential generator installations. Priced at $170, contact our parts department to learn more today!

Download Generac's Sizing and System Design Tool

Generac's Sizing and System Design Tool is the most powerful electrical and mechanical design and sizing tool on the market.

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