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KG&E Introducing New Field Management Operating System

Kelly Generator & Equipment Inc. will be utilizing a new field management operating system that will provide simpler, faster service to customers by providing increased efficiency.

The new system, designed and installed by FieldServio Field Service Management of Charlotte, NC. uses wi-fi connected electronic tablet technology  on a custom designed open platform  to provide real-time  information on  work status to everyone involved on a project – from technicians in the field to supervisors and managers on the road to back shop staff at headquarters.

Having the capability to flow information automatically from the inception of a project to its completion provides more than being able to bill customers and provides KG&E and its customers increased transparency with detailed information that many competitors cannot provide.

Look for more information about KG&E’s new field management operating system. Please contact KG&E to confirm the correct email to be used for future invoices.

KG&E is Now Offering Generac Magnum Light Towers for Rental and Sales

Our Magnum portable light towers feature 4-1,000 watt metal halide oval light fixtures, compact design that allows efficient storage and transport, external illuminated control panel with sealed switches, standard individually breakered convenience outlets, fuel capacity of a little over 40 gallons and a run time of up to 90 hours. Portable light towers offer a lighting solution for areas where there is no possibility for fixed lights and can illuminate even large industrial and construction sites. Some of the benefits of light towers are:

Quick And Easy Set-Up And Transport –Portable light towers can be brought to any site or work location. The mobility of these towers provides solution for acquiring lights for a specific area in just a little time. As they are easy to set-up, portable light towers provide the quickest illumination up to 8 acres of land, depending on tower capacity. Because they are on wheels, they can move quickly from one place to another.

High Light Capacity – Another benefit of the increased light capacity is elimination of the so-called “dark spots”. The fixed light towers usually create areas where nothing can be seen, which often leads to accidents. The portable light towers help prevent dark spots and have greater level of illumination flexibility.

The Added Power Benefit – Another interesting benefit of portable light towers is the ability to provide additional power. There is no need of another generator for additional power if you have one of our portable light towers. Also, portable light towers consume less fuel, an average of about .47 gallons per hour at prime power.

Backup Power For Healthcare Facilities

In a world where “failure is not an option” has become the mantra for virtually every emergency power application, healthcare facilities are unique in that failure could mean loss of life.

There are many ways to build reliability into a backup power system, from fuel choice to generator configuration. Generac not only has the breadth of product and fuel choices necessary to help you configure the right standby power system for your application, but also the expertise needed to help ensure your system complies with NFPA 99, NFPA 110, and other appropriate national and local regulations.

Contact KG&E to learn more about Generac generators and the best generator solution for your application.

Don't Let Your Training Certification Expire. Schedule Your Training Today

Is your training certification about to expire?

Receive your recertification with a Kelly Generator & Equipment training program before it expires. By recertifying you not only show your dedication to your career and high professional standards, but you also stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations and ensure a high standard of practice.

Upcoming classes offered in October include:

  • Air Cooled: October 10 - 12
    Course #AC3D101216
  • Air Cooled: October 31 - November 2
    Course #AC3D110216
  • Protector Series: October 17 - 20
    Course #102016DPRS
  • Res Com Update: October 24 - 26
    Course #RC102616UD

Complete 2016 Class Schedule

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*Exclusions apply, please see Parts Manager for details, Warranty Kits not included

Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters

This information sheet discusses devices used in an electrical circuit to protect personnel from electrical shock and how they work.

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KG&E - Keeping You Informed

#1 Cause of Generator Failure

The single most frequent service call for generator failure is related to battery failure. Eighty percent of all battery failure is related to sulfation buildup — the accumulation of lead sulfates on the plates of lead-acid batteries.

Download Generac's Sizing and System Design Tool

Generac's Sizing and System Design Tool is the most powerful electrical and mechanical design and sizing tool on the market.

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