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When you contact KG&E to troubleshoot and repair your generator, you employ the entire company, not just the technician dispatched to solve your dilemma. Our technicians work in a collaborative manner to ensure your situation is analyzed in a very timely way. The "team" approach ensures that all repair parts, if needed, are ordered as quickly as possible to enable us to place your equipment back in service as soon as we can.

After many years, a system may reach a point where repair is no longer the best option. If our technical team indicates this is the case, our knowledge of your infrastructure and power needs will enable us to recommend a new system that works best for you. If your system has finally gone beyond repair, we can provide you with a full-featured rental and/or a new or used replacement unit.

Hints to Avoid Troubleshooting

  • Familiarize yourself with the owner's manual and pay close attention to what guidance is offered by technicians to keep your system in optimum condition.

  • Have a planned maintenance agreement performed by a professionally trained generator technician.

  • Implement a remote monitoring system for your genset that will give you alarms if/when something were to go wrong.

*Reminder: Maintenance items are not covered by manufacturer warranty. This list is designed to aid in the active care of your emergency generator system and is only a basic list. It is a wise investment to professionally maintain your generator and transfer switch, which will also help to maintain your warranty agreement.

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